Little Twins The Movie
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As a pre-K teacher I highly recommend this movie. The Twins are adorable.

It contains honest-to-goodness messages. Excellent !

I was invited to a children's birthday party. I bought this movie for the birthday boy. His parents told me that my gift had been a success. I'm glad to have picked a gift that can be enjoyed time and again.

One of the most deligtful, sweet and charming children's movie's I have seen in a while. My 5 year old loves it.

It is quite rare nowadays to find a movie with good morals. You can’t go wrong with this one. An excellent Christmas gift for the entire family to enjoy

My kids (ages 3 and 5) are absolutely addicted to this movie. Best movie purchase in a long time.

Thumbs UP!!

My son is only 3 years old. This movie grabs his attention all the way from start to finish. Amazing!

I bought an earlier edition of this movie for my granddaughter when she turned 5. Now for her six’s birthday, she asked her dad to buy several copies so she could give them to her friends as souvenirs. Years later, her friends still recall with excitement the day they got their copies.

Kids love it. They watch it over and over and over and over...

This movie promotes love and understanding and it teaches that wrongdoing never pays.  A great addition to our DVD family collection.

We showed this movie at my son's 5th birthday party. It was a success.

If I had to rate this movie between 1 and 10, I would give it a solid 10! 

I bought this live-action movie instead of an animated one for my grandsons. It turned out to be the best gift ever.

My 2 year old daughter is so happy every time she watches this movie.

The main theme song at the end of the movie is beautiful and inspiring.

My husband and I watched it without the kids. It’s a lovely story.

Great video. It makes my little girls so happy.

My children’s favorite DVD.

A perfect family movie.

The twins, grip one's heart and hold on tight until the very end

A story both kids and parents can enjoy together. Hilarious.

It showcases the magic of friendship.

The novice actors portraying the characters did a great job. 

Positive messages and a happy ending. I highly recommend it.

A cute movie with a cute little pair of adorable twin babies in the starring roles. 

My 4 year old grandson loves it.  His favorite movie of all time. 

During our long flight to Europe, this movie kept our kids busy for hours.  They watched it several times in a raw.

My great granddaughter loves the Twins.

This movie entertained not just my kids but the rest of the family as well,  including teenagers and grandparents

My nephew is only 3 years old. His favorite movie.

My toddlers have seen it at least 50 times. I assume they like it.

A great buy for anyone between the ages of 2 and 99.

As a grandfather I watched this movie with my 4 year old grandson. I must confess I enjoyed it as much as he did.

My 5 year old niece loves it.

I will soon become the mother of twin boys.  This was the perfect gift for my husband and I. I'm sure our babies will enjoy it in a couple of years.

I’m 30 and I love this movie.  The twins are so cute.

I got this movie for my 4 year old son. His 5th birthday is fast approaching. He wants to show the Little Twins’ movie to all of his friends at his birthday party.

My first grade students had a great time watching this movie. It is a fun story. Very well put together.

I am a gradmother in my eighties. I have watched this movie twice. The story is funny and touching at times. You laugh and you cry. A very enjoyable film.

This movie not only touches on the importance of love and responsibility but also presents a very important sequence to alert children about safety around swimming pools. That sequence alone makes the acquisition of this DVD worthwhile. It serves as a good example to prevent infant drawning.

My twin daughters are just 3 years old. We had a great time watching this movie together. 

This movie received a First Prize Award from an International panel of judges at a children film festival. Well deserved !

This DVD would make a perfect animated feature. Perhaps Disney would like to take the challenge.  The grouchy old lady is the perfect villain but presented in a way that is light and fun. The twins are adorable.

The teenager taking care of the twins has a big heart. His love for the twin babies grows as the movie progresses. By the end of the movie, the teenager loves the twins as the brothers he never had. 

Destined to become a classic.