Little Twins The Movie
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The two little stars.
Little Twins DVD

It is with pride and much confidence that I offer my movie as a fundraise vehicle.

A raffle gives only one winner a chance.
LITTLE TWINS gives every family the opportunity to own a piece of wonderful entertainment that can be enjoyed time and again.

My name is John Borsten. I am the Writer-Producer-Director and Editor of LITTLE TWINS-THE MOVIE.
LITTLE TWINS is a feature length live action comedy awarded “BEST MOVIE” by thousands of children who had a chance to vote for their favorite movie at an International Children Film Festival.

LITTLE TWINS is filled with comedic moments, suspenseful notes and lots of action sequences which grab the attention of viewers from start to finish. The movie portrais love, courage and responsibility as values that are altogether important. The antagonists ultimately get their fare punishment due to their bad behavior.

The movie ends with the presentation of a Music Video with lyrics that depict the innocence present in the eyes of children, as a means through which “we can see heaven”.

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