Little Twins The Movie
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John Borsten the filmmaker with the two little stars. John Borsten and the twin stars

Having a keen sense as to what children like, has enabled Mr. Borsten to provide entertainment which is most appreciated by a particularly hard to please audience: small children.

Mr.Borsten’s productions have always garnered awards at the film festivals where his movies have participated.

His previous movie for children “A MIXED UP ADVENTURE” was released by an Oscar Winner production company from New York.

The Original version of “A MIXED UP ADVENTURE” will be available worldwide in 2017.

Mr. Borsten’s movies continue to have an eager following among toddlers who watch his films time and again.

Parents, grandparents, uncles,aunts and teachers can rest assured that by giving a Borsten movie to a child, you are providing wholesome and fun entertainment that keep toddlers happy and grownups at ease for hours on end.